Monday, February 27, 2012

#4--Richard Chai Fall 2012 NY Fashion Week

Twelve minutes late may as well be a death sentence for Chai according to Eric Wilson, NYT journalist. He clearly was unimpressed and quite underwhelmed with the showing of Richard Chai's F12 show. Better luck next time perhaps? And don't be late!!!  

Richard Chai's collection was late arriving at Lincoln Center for his 11 a.m. fashion show this morning, so while the editors were waiting, they checked their e-mail. At 11:12 a.m., a press release popped in my in-box from Pantone, the color forecasting company, announcing its predictions for the fall season: Olympian Blue, Tangerine Tango, Ultramarine Green, Titanium, Honey Gold, Pink FlambĂ© and other colors that I can’t quite picture but assume to be rather bright. When Mr. Chai’s designs hit the runway, they were, as usual, predominantly based in urban shades of grays, blacks and navy blue. I suspect Pantone’s report is mostly a public relations stunt to get its name in the papers. (It works.) But I mention this as a reminder that New York Fashion Week, with something like 350 shows, cannot easily be pegged to a set of trends for the season. Increasingly, it is becoming a series of fractured voices and images, probably a healthy thing for fashion since it means designers are recognizing the need for independent thinking. “I didn’t want to do anything that was tricky,” Mr. Chai said. “I didn’t want to create looks that were just for the show. I wanted it to be approachable and believable, but also be really aspirational. At the end of the day, it’s pieces that I want people to wear.” Mr. Chai’s gray and black blanket stripes were shown on coats, jackets and trousers for men and women, and later in his show there were sportswear options in claret velvet, wide-legged corduroy pants, and a print that looked like old wallpaper, but no Tangerine Tango. For men, he also introduced his new collection for Filson, including coats, a weekender bag and backpacks trimmed with the company’s signature thin leather strips. The idea, Mr. Chai said backstage, “was obviously the idea of youthful uniforms and a fun way to put things together, but also, for women at least, handsome femininity.”
-Olympian Blue
-Tangerine Tango
-Ultramarine Green
-Honey Gold
-Pink Flambe
-Urban shades of grays, blacks and navy blue

-"pieces people can wear"

-blanket stripes
-"old wallpaper"
-weekender bags/backpacks

Sunday, February 19, 2012

#3--Cambridge in NYC

Since fall, I have been spotting these amazingly bright and beautiful bags all of the city. I had to find out who made these awesome bags and how I could get my hands on one.

Cut to me stalking people out to try and find out about this bag.  I caught a girl on FIT's campus with The Large Cambridge Satchel, in neon yellow and got the scoop.

I love how she kept her outfit simple. Pretty monochromatic, sticking to grays and blacks and let the bag be her big statement piece. It's a great pop of color and can be great for fall 11 and spring 12's awesome color blocking trend.

The Cambridge Satchel can be purchased at for roughly $200 USD depending on which size chosen and whether or not you get your initials embossed. I personally love the embossing that can be done, see picture at right. The satchel can also now be purchased at Bloomingdales. In store or online at

Check out more pictures of this amazing bag:

Celebrity stylist Brad Goreski with his Cambridge Satchel

Sunday, February 12, 2012

#2--Pastel Mania

For Spring of 2013, I hope to continue seeing pastels. Pastel colors were all over the runways for Spring 2012 collections which are currently hitting stores. While shopping the market place a bit here in New York City, it seems that customers are responding very strongly in a positive manner to these fun spring colors. In the Spring 2012 collections, pastels were mostly brought to viewers attentions through color blocking as shown below.
3.1 Phillip Lim S12

Calvin Klein Collection S12

Prada S12

I believe pastels will be brought into the Spring 2013 shows in a different manner. I think they will most likely make the re-appearance through patterns. Wheather they be florals or animal prints, I believe the consumers will welcome these fun color palletes as a change to the current neon trends and after such a drab winter season. Something more along these lines is what I see is yet to come for S13. Or patterns made of pastels.
House of Holland S12

Here are images I have found that have further inspired me to believe pastels are here to stay:

Monday, February 6, 2012

Treasure Box

A few blogs I love, and from which much of my inspiration derives :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

1. gnar
      A shortened version of the word gnarly, meaning high on the scale of dangerousness and coolness. often used amonf the skateboard crowd.

2. gnar
      Anything and everything that is awesome in every possible way



THE Gnar Nation

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