Monday, March 12, 2012

#5--Shades of Nude

As per my previous entry regarding color, I believe pastels are going to remain in fashion. It seems that 2012 so far has been the year of COLOR! Neons and brights have truly exploded and even the 'pastels' of the season have had a vibrant and bright hue to them.

With that being said, I believe Spring 2013 will yes hold color, but a very muted and almost transparent hue to them. Below find a color pallet that is so similar it is almost bland, but when these colors are mixed in matched in the fashions shown below, the colors seem to work so well together and really begin to POP! The mix of the crisp whites, camels, taupes, blushes and corals and a hint of mint and sky blue, are so cohesively beautiful.


  1. First, I must say-- great images! I think you chose all the right pictures to back-up your point about nudes & pastels for the Spring 2013 season. I believe that there is a correlation between our dwindling economy and the fashion color story. It seems that since things have been "going down-hill" the colors in our beloved trends seem to be getting brighter-- which is totally okay in my book!

  2. i can tell you names of the mac products... peachstock lipstick and woodwinked eyeshadow!! haha.

    I love the muted colors. I wear them ALL YEAR ROUND.

    1. Thanks! I'm also obsessed with all things MAC!

  3. The nude tones really lend themselves to the chalky pastels coming our way, too. Such a sophisticated color palette!