Monday, April 23, 2012

#9--Bussing around for Fashion

Forget popup shops, Bus tours are the newest way brands such as Kate Spade New York and Madewell are getting their names out there around the country, literally!! Both of the above mentioned brands crated busses to tour around America as mobile shops stopping in popular cities in the states!

Kate Spade's adorable Florence Broadhurst themed bus started in New York City in April and ended its tour in Austin Texas during SXSW music festival. The bus had fun give-aways, games, and of course, a place to shop. The bus also had it;s own twitter account in which fans could follow to find the bus in their own city. KSNY bus tour pictures below...SO cute!!

Kate Spade, Florence Broadhurst Bus

Kate Spade tour bus interior

And check out this link below to read up more on Kate Spade's Bus Tour.
Kate Spade New York Bus Tour 2012

Madewell's bus tour soon followed, also kicking off in New York City in April. The old fashioned themed bus is cute an edgy holding true to the brands' image. This bus also has it's own twitter page for fans to follow. And lucky for these fans, the first to find the bus in each city gets a FREE pair of Madewell jeans! Such a shame I found out about this one too late :(

Check out the link below to read more about Madewell's denim road trip:
Madewell Denim Road Trip 2012

Madewell Denim Road trip 2012

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