Monday, April 9, 2012

#7--Bridal Trunk Shows

It seems that weddings now-a-days are more about "the dress" or even "the dresses" than the holiness of matrimony. All eyes are on the bride and everyone is thinking one thing, what will that dress look like?! If it's great, then it's great. But if it's not so great, there's some serious talk. More and more women are focusing on what their dress looks like and what other people will think of it as well.

Knowing this, wedding dress designers and boutiques are really taking advantage of this. Trunk shows are a great way to get designers' names out there to customers. Whether they are well known or not, a trunk show is a great way to show customers a new designer or a new line for the season. Fashions can come and go but women are always going to have a need for wedding dresses. So keep the trunk shows coming!!

Below are two very different bridal trunk shows.

Disney Bridal (< click here!)
This trunk show is for the Disney Bridal collection at a small boutique. I think this is a very cute idea for a women who really pictures her wedding to be a real life fairy tale. Whether she dreams of being Belle or Aurora, there is an option for her.
Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

Vera Wang Bridal (< click here!)
Vera Wang has become a household name. When you think wedding, you think of her. It seems everyone dreams of getting married in one of her miraculously beautiful gowns but some people could simply not afford it. When Vera decided to do her White Label, she allowed for such a larger customer base access to her dresses. These gorgeous dresses range between $500 and $1500.

Vera Wang White Collection


  1. Great post - I covered bridal trunk shows too! I found your feature on the Disney Bridal dresses really funny/interesting-- but makes total sense! Most girls from a young age dream about one day wearing a big, frilly, poofy dress because of these Disney movies, so why not bank on the concept? I'd love to see what their sales records were!

  2. OMG my friend Sarina is getting married at the end of the month and won't even let anyone see the dress!!!!

    I understand the need to have a great dress but it should be completely subjective. Who cares what other people think, right? That's one thing i love about NYC fashion, it's all about your own style.