Monday, April 16, 2012

#8--Paper Crown

Lauren Conrad. What do you think of when you hear this name? Maybe her first 'claim to fame' reality TV series, Laguna Beach. Or maybe you think of the drama filled hit reality show The Hills.

Since choosing to leave The Hills TV show to pursue her professional life, Lauren has written 5 best selling books, designed a clothing line for Kohl's, and also started her own fashion line names Paper Crown. The ladder however, seems to have stayed under the radar of most people. Although it is sold in big-name stores such as Nordstrom and Cusp, Lauren's line has yet to have her big break. But I think it's only a matter of time for word to spread and Paper Crown will become a brand hanging in every women's closet.

Paper Crown is full of fun a flirty dresses, day outfits and much more. Her pieces seem to transition perfectly from day to night with a quick change of accessories and shoes. The lines are simple yet elegant and look to be flattering on most body types. Lauren's eye for simple elegance is right on par which, for a reality star, seems quite surprising.

Check out the link below to see Paper Crown look books from this season and several seasons past. The shots are simple yet incredibly chic. The setting in which the photographs have been taken are uncomplicated yet sophisticated, and I am dying over that nautical beach outfit!! :)

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  1. I appreciate a direct approach to the lookbook!

  2. Great post on Paper Crown!! There is no shame in my game... yes Lauren 'LC' Conrad and I are the same age, but she is one celebrity in the limelight that I have respect for because, while others have spiraled out of control post-reality t.v., she somehow used her powers for good and has made a great name for herself! Her looks are simple and elegant and are what I would call timeless pieces.

  3. Paper Crown is fabulous! I'm glad LC isn't just cashing in on the celebutante fortune, I feel like this line really has meaning!

    -Alex (